PBS Software Holdings (Pty) Ltd owns the IP (Intellectual Property) of the PFIM range of software and hardware solutions which enable proactive Facilities Management for your enterprise. The value proposition is SaaS based with PFIM hardware Controllers for the integration of intelligent remote sensors. Our securely 24/7 hosted service puts you in control of the real-time monitoring of the health of the nominated key assets in your enterprise. You can monitor SLA’s and report on deviations and generate critical alerts where thresholds have been violated in your ecosystem. Management reporting is available through a selection of user-defined dashboards.

The following main functional areas are covered by the PBS Facilities Management Software Solution:

  • Scheduled & breakdown maintenance of assets
  • Remote monitoring of intelligent sensors & capturing of performance metrics for operations and management reporting
  • Health, Safety and Environment compliance reporting
  • Mobile Workforce Management (MWM). Using the PFIM mobile App provides functionality to track Job Cards and feedback on tasks per responsible resource, providing online input required for invoicing of service-related billable work
  • Workforce scheduling and optimization functionality is provided
  • Back-end PFIM ERP Solution includes comprehensive Financials, Project Management and Job Costing functionality
  • Asset serial number tracking and services history reporting per asset
  • Asset Warranty management
  • Choice and customization of comprehensive range of management dashboards for the monitoring of work and productivity levels of all employees and sub-contractors performing Facilities Management tasks
  • The PBS Application Program Interface (API) is provided for the seamless integration of collecting key metrics from existing Building Management Systems, such as Access Control, CCTV, Perimeter Detection, Fire Detection, HVAC & Airconditioning, Lifts, Energy Management, Fuel & Diesel consumption and Generator Monitoring. Metrics collected are displayed in a user definable dashboard
  • The PFIM Service Desk provides functionality for the logging of service requests, and the processes required for incident resolution